Service delivery takes place from an eco-systemic/bio-psycho-social approach which comes under the framework of System Theory and refers to a holistic view of the human being.   



alleviating material need                                 

    Alleviating material need:


“Bio” as the biological or physical aspects of the person and his/her biological needs

Addressing the physical/tangible needs of members in our community, depending on the need, may it be clothing, household goods, housing, work etc.  This only takes place as part of an assessment during which a social background study will be done in order to determine things like pre-empting factors, previous help from social service agencies, willingness to co-operate and become independent and self- supporting citizens again.


physcho social services


    Psycho social services:


Psycho” denoting the psychological elements which refers to feelings, thoughts, attitudes, emotions and are normally understood as “internal” and linked to the mind.

Social” as the relation between the person and the “external” world, such as the interactions in the family, at work and in general in the socio-cultural environment.

Psycho-social services therefor includes intervention through processes like therapy, emotional support etc.






Give recognition to the spiritual nature and needs as part of the eco-systemic/bio-psycho-social model.



Through a systemic approach , the same value is assigned to the three levels of analysis identified and the full integration between the three is promoted.

It  gives the conceptual framework to the service provider to identify, assess and intervene for the well-being of a “sick” person considering the biological, psychological and social (cultural) factors at all stages (prevention; onset; course; treatment).

The individual has a central and active role and is freed from being the victim of biological case-effect relations.

The way all these factors interact is complex and the individual is considered as a social actor, who is part of the socio-cultural environment.

There is a dynamic interrelation of the three levels and their mutual influence.

Body and mind are not separable as distinct entities, and are not considered by the service provider as such.