Doing Good Better

Doing Good Better

Doing Good Better in Brackenfell

The City’s Give Responsibly campaign discourages residents and visitors form giving hand outs to street people, urging them to give vouchers or make donations to NGO’s in their area.

TEAHMO Social Support Services, MES and Okovango Business Chamber support this campaign as part of their role to empower and uplift the community.

Give a hand up and not a hand down.

Where and how to give responsibly:

In support of the Give Responsibly campaign we encourage the public to “Take cash out of the system “by buying food vouchers and refer people in need to organisations in our community who will assist them – taking care not only for food and clothing  but also any other form of social support service they may need.

If you support children and other people on the street, you actually support a bad habit of children not going to school or people not wanting to work.

For the purpose of the awareness campaign we will focus on MES:

  • MES has a central gathering point twice a week where all street people are welcome.
  • These gatherings are used to build relationships, share a message of Hope, assess peoples’ needs and address it accordingly through direct help and or referrals.

Begging offers no hope and no future – think before you give!

  • Give money to children on the street encourages them to leave home and stay out of school, promotes substance abuse and keeps them away from organisations that are there to help them.
  • Giving food and clothing also does not help, it is sold or exchanged.
  • Giving moeny or support direclty to mothers with babies who beg keeps these babies in the sun or rain all day
  • Sponsor a Job Rehabilitation (Ophelp) shift
  • Sponsor a Community Voucher (Meal & shower ticket)
  • Donate clothing to a helping organization
  • Donate dried food products to a helping organization
  • Give time and respect to street people by
  • Refering them to helping organizations
  • Using the resource list of your area
  • Do not give food at your door
  • Use the toll free number 0800 220250 to report street children (under 18)
  • Use the toll free number 0800 872201 for street adults.

Contact Details:


  • 021 949 8736

AHI Tygerberg

  • Okavango Sakekamer
  • Voorsitter / Chairman
  • 082 904 5997